Dog Crate Furniture Basics

Wood dog crate furniture is a great alternative to clunky and unsightly plastic and wire crates.  Of course, plastic, wire, and collapsible crate are useful in certain circumstances.  However, if you are looking to provide a welcoming den for your dog and do not want to sacrifice decor, wood dog crates may be the solution.  Check out our selection of wooden dog crate furniture to find the best fit for you and your dog. Go to the site and get kasyno bonus bez depozytu at our casino. Limited supply!

Key Considerations:

Dog Size: Look for a crate that will provide a comfortable home for your dog once he reaches adult size.  Wire and plastic crates are great options when training a puppy or if you have a dog that is likely to chew on the crate.  Once you and your dog are comfortable with a crate, it is time to consider a wooden dog crate.  Similarly, once your dog has passed the puppy stage, you can consider a more permanent den that will satisfy you both.

Location: Remember that dogs are pack animals and therefore want to be with the pack.  As an owner, you are the pack leader and your family is the pack.  If possible it is best to locate your crate where the “pack” spends the most time.  For most of us this typically means the living room or family room.

Decor: Wooden dog crates are pieces of furniture just like your coffee table or couch.  Consider your existing style and taste when looking for dog crate furniture.  Many crates come in different finishes, but may not always match exactly with your existing furniture.  Even if the finish does not match perfectly, this is usually not an issue as your dog crate end table can be considered an accent piece.

Portability: If you are looking for a crate that is portable, wood dog crates are not your solution.  Although most crates weigh 50 lbs or less, they are not as easily disassembled as collapsible dog crates and therefore can be bulky when transporting.  Consider collapsible dog crates if you need to bring your crate with you during a vacation or holiday trip.  Of course, buying a wooden dog crate for relatives that you visit often may be a great gift idea as they receive an elegant piece of furniture and your dog will always have a place to stay when you visit.   

Maintenance: All of our crates have “accident” resistant floor materials than can easily be cleaned.  Review the cleaning and maintenance information on the product page for guidance on how to maintain your dog crate.

Wooden dog gates act as an elegant barrier when you need to fence in a space such as your kitchen or a bathroom.  Wood dog gates come in two basic configurations and multiple finishes.  The two configurations are the slide gate and the panel gates.  The slides gates are supported by “feet” that provide stability.  Panel gates are setup in a zig-zag formation which provides support without the need for feet.  The wood panel dog gates also include models with a swinging door feature.

Toy Boxes
Obviously any pampered pooch needs their own toy box.  Wooden toy boxes for dogs create a stylish way to store all their favorite toys and keep your house free from canine clutter.  Wooden dog toy boxes are the perfect way to complete or accent your dog’s furniture collection.  These dog toy boxes are also great gift ideas.  The cedar dog toy box is our favorite as it comes in a beautiful natural finish and exudes that enchanting cedar scent.